Katie Durbin, LCSW



I’ve spent the past 15 years helping hundreds of families navigate the complexities of living with a serious illness.

“Katie is exactly what I needed to help me get through a tough time. I was instantly comfortable with her and found her very easy to talk to. I have recommended her to several people and will continue to do so.”

River Forest

Experience and Education:

Additional Experience & Training:

  • Adjunct professor, Aurora University School of Social Work
  • Program facilitator and presenter at Wellness House
  • Reiki Certified, Level 1
  • Certified Grief Informed Professional

Previous Experience:

  • Medical and Oncology social worker – University of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial and NorthShore University HealthSystem
  • Patient navigator – American Cancer Society
  • Hospice social worker – JourneyCare


  • BA Sociology and Social Work, University of Dayton (1997)
  • MSW, Loyola University Chicago (2004)

A note from Katie:

My professional experience isn’t all I bring into our sessions. I’m also a mom, wife, daughter and sister. These roles can get messy and confusing when dealing with illness.
Having cared for my own dad during his illness, I look at how best I can help you not only from my clinical brain, but also from my own experiences.

Being in therapy myself. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, knowing you need help but not wanting to ask for it. I also know the relief felt when you finally sit with someone whose sole purpose is to support you.
When I’m not working you can usually find me with my family. I also love going to movies alone, tv shows that make me laugh or cry, live shows or music, finding unique handmade goods, obsessing over podcasts and spending time with friends.

Trish Pangilian, LCSW



When I started working as a navigator for those experiencing cancer, I developed a passion for supporting the individuals and families with whom I worked.

Experience and Education:

Additional Experience & Training:

  • Senior Director of Program Management at a national non-profit
  • Social Work with Older Adults Training, University of Chicago
  •  Mediation Skills Training, Northwestern University

Previous Experience:

  • Director of Patient Programs
  • Patient Service Center Manager
  • Patient Navigator


  • BA, Sociology and American Studies, University of Notre Dame (2002)
  • MSW, University of Chicago (2006)

A note from Trish:

It can be hard to manage life transitions and illnesses. These changes and situations can intensify negative feelings and experiences. I am here to listen to you, help you explore your needs, and provide support to enhance your well-being.

When I started working as a navigator for those experiencing cancer, I developed a passion for supporting the individuals and families with whom I worked.  Each day was a new opportunity to provide care to someone who was facing an illness, a change in roles and responsibilities, and a lot of uncertainty.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my family. We love to spend time outdoors searching for the best parks. We also put together lots of puzzles, do diamond art (very therapeutic), and play board games. We watch plenty of movies and sitcoms. I love traveling, spending time with friends, and reading fiction.

My #1 self-care strategy is journaling. I started a diary in the 4th grade and never stopped writing. To this day, one of my favorite ways to end the day is to journal those things for which I’m grateful.

Mary Koludrovic, LCSW



Having spent the last 15 years in medical and end-of-life settings, I have deep understanding for the challenges that come with navigating an illness for individuals and families.

Experience and Education:

Additional Experience & Training:

  • National Cancer Institute Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Training for Cancer Clinicians
  • American Brain Tumor Association Brain Tumor Support Group Facilitator Training

Previous Experience:

  • Oncology Social Worker – University of Chicago Medical Center
  • Patient Navigator – American Cancer Society at Northwestern Medicine
  • Brain Tumor Institute Social Worker – Northwestern Medicine


  • BA Psychology, Indiana University (2004)
  • MSW, Loyola University Chicago (2006)

A note from Mary:

Asking for help is a courageous first step.  I’ve been there.  It can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable to think about sorting through your struggles.  My mission is to help make a difference in how you feel in your day-to-day life.  I view therapy as a collaborative process that involves working together to understand what has led you to this point, build upon your strengths and develop new ways of being.  You will find that I am always open, accepting and understanding towards what you are experiencing.  My style is best described as an integrative approach and combines a variety of techniques that are tailored to fit the individuals concerns and needs. 


I’m a wife, sister and a mother of three children (two girls and a boy).  I’ve also cared for and lost a parent to a long-term complicated medical diagnosis.  I understand the experience that people go through trying to do their best to manage all their roles and day-to-day life.  I’ve also been in therapy myself and have sat in your shoes.  I try to do my best in life, but I am human and flawed just like everyone else.  I’m incredibly passionate about quality of life and I consider it a privilege that clients trust me to help them.